Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fashion Accessories, mens fashion 2009, & custom bandanas

fashion accessories, mens fashion 2009, custom bandanas, Are the three terms i would have to describe this new hott look

This blog is going to teach you how to make a bandana headband with two different colors.

Bandanas were a big trend in my small Montana town, so one day i thought up an idea to be different.
I did some googling, but didn\\’t find anything on how to make a double colored headband, so i resorted to finding my own way.

This actually took me about 25 minutes to figure out how to do.
It was hard because i had to get the colors even and still be able to get the custom bandanas tie right.

Items needed:
- Flat surface
- Two bandanas of different colors
- About three minutes

Step 1:
Take both of your headbands and join the opposite corners of one together to make a triangle.
(The same way you would make a headband with one custom bandana).

Step 2:
Take your two bandanas and overlap them, leaving about three to four inches between the top points.

Step 3:
Roll! Keep it even, it might take a bit of work.

Next tie it.
But be sure to do a square knot (that\\’s right over left, then left over right), or it wont look right on your noggin.

You now have a headband with two colors!

P.S. Yeah, i know that it\\’s Christmas colors, but they\\’re the only two colors i had. =]

Tell me what you think!


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