Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guide download free programs

I know that there is an egg on this already but this is a better way to get the programs

most of you know that the way to get a free program is to search for the program at a site like and download the trial edition then look for a serial number online and put it in to the free music programs. or wedding program templates free

Others have recomended sites like or but these sites are often virused or have spyware. i found a site www. that has no viruses and has no spyware. even better is that this doesn’t just offer you one code at a time. you download the program called serials 2000 and in that program is a database of 60000 serial numbers. after that there are half year updates and the manager of the site adds a update every two weeks with new serial numbers to old programs and serial numbers to the newest programs released. after fully updating you have a database of 85000 serial numbers on your computer and it gets bigger every two weeks!!!

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