Saturday, October 23, 2010

How To pickpocket for noobs

Sure this is some basic stuff, but this blog is for the beginers...

Being a cannon (solo pickpcoket) can be rough. It’s hard sometimes to be able to distract and lift by yourself. That is why a team, or at least a partener is a good idea because together you can get at wallets a solo pickpocket would have to elt go.

But be sure you can trust your team, after all this isn’t a game...not to mention you have to be sure they aren’t going to take the money or squeal Find someone you know who might enjoy the money and has a basic knowlege of theft...then get to work. If at all possible have a female member of your team.

The team can be as big as you like because there are jobs for everyone. The importan job is the LIFT, the actual pickpocket, and the second is the BUMP. The "bump" is the memeber of the team that stalls the mark, bumping into them and distracting them long enough for the pickpocket to make the lift. In reality this is all you need.

But sometimes dous have a hard time, which is why they need a SCOUT and a PASS OFF. The scout finds the mark, usually sitting on a beanch or standing in line and then alerts the others, while the pass off takes the wallet from the lift so that the lift can’t be taken in if questioned.

There can be more than one bump ot scout, and one person can have more than one job. Its all how you want to set it up...just be sure to practise evrything out before you do it.

In fact it is esier to practise when you are a together with each other until you can dip and lift with the pros. You might want to do this in a basement or at a place where no is going to pay much attention to what you are doing.

And the one thing you must remember is that distraction is team pickpocketing’s main weapon. That is why you have to learn the "sandwhich", the move where the team closes in on the mark and puts them between them so that the bump and lift can do their stuff.

5 Best Team Pickpocketing Moves
The Swarm
Easiest and dirtest form of a mark or two and then have your team move in aswarm them, bumping into them

Escalator Sandwhich
This one is so easy anyone could pull it off...sandwhich your mark on an escalator and them have the bump trip or slip and block the mark. As soon as that happenes have the lift steal the wallet.
Grocery Store
This one is a no brainer...find a woman with her purse in her cart, then have one member distract her while the other lifts her bag or wallet. So easy its like her money is already in your pocket.
Gasp! Someone has spilt their bag or suitcase. They need help...and when the sucker moves in to help the team member who has "innocently" dropped their belongings the rest of the team moves in to pilfer their purses or pockets.

An oldie, but a goodie, this is the time honored scam for a simple two person pickpocket team. Basically all you have to do is find a mark, and then have one member of the team distract him or her with something, like a newspaper or a conversation while the other member either dips their pocket/purse or makes off with their bags.

There you go, hope it helps.

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