Saturday, October 23, 2010

How To Hotwire A Car


Ok well in the old days the wires to hot wire a car were red and all you did was cut the two wires and cross them and bam your car starts and you can take off.

Instructions For All Cars:

Ok well the newer cars now days have differant colored wires but all you do is look under the ignition and feel for some wires and you find the 2 wires that are the same color and you splice them together and your car should start. But on the real new cars now days some of them have security systems where once you take the car without dis-arming the alarm the car will allow you to drive like 2 miles then it shuts down and locks the doors and calls the cops, I saw that kind of alarm on the news but thats probably for like ferraris and shit so you probably dont have to woory about that, so if your planning on stealing a honda civic then just do what I said.

Breaking Glass:

Ok well a friend of mine told me while back to break a window really easy and quiet just get a phillips head (Flat Head Screw Driver) and just put it at the corner of a car window and twist it until the window cracks. How to hot wire 101

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