Saturday, October 23, 2010

How To Delete Myspace Account Anyones

Ok i have a 3rd blog on how to fuck around with people on myspace and delete myspace. this one is very easy and effective. You can report people who are breaking the "rules" of myspace. Here is the most common and easy and fastest way. on the myspace homepage find the link for help. scroll down till you see number 52: Where do I report underage users?

then the page will say this

I under lined the most important part. what it means is like if someone is really 15 and their age on their profile says like 17. You can also do this with people who have a profile and are under 14. Now go to a myspace or browse through some until you see one that is breaking the age rules. Now look at ur taskbar and copy whats highlited

You just copied their friend ID.
now go here:

and type their friend ID, saying its their friend ID. now type your report. Say something like:

"I was aware of this myspace user breaking the rules by lieing about their age. The age of the user says 17, but when you look at the school they belong to it says they are in 10th grade. how offen do you see a 17 year old in 10th grade? not to offen. I wanted myspace to be aware of this user for breaking the rules."

You have to have some kind of proof weather its in the pictures or the school they joined or the groups they joined or something else. Within the next like 5 or 6 days their account will probably be gone. I have done this to like 15 people and they have no profile anymore. Oh yea by the way you dont even need to have a myspace account to do this. So even if you dont want one or think its for fucktards, you can still fuck around with people. If you have any questions ask me and if you rate this low say why?

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