Saturday, October 23, 2010

How To Download Youtube Videos Or any video converter

Download Youtube Videos Using *Mozilla Firefox*

Ever wanted to download a Youtube video but didn’t know how, well read this?

First you must be using Mozilla Firefox. I am sure most of you use Firefox but here is the download link for those who don’t:

Install the extension Video Downloader 2.0 from Here.

Once you have installed it, restart Firefox to complete the installation. Now you should see a little icon on the bottom right of your browser.

Go to the Youtube video that you would like to download. Click this little button and a popup should come up.

Right click the ’Download Link’ button and hit ’Save Link As’

The video should save to your desktop or wherever you saved it to.

Since it is an FLV file, which isn’t very common, you can download a video Converter any video converter program to change it to a different format. I use Total Video Converter which I provided a d/l link for:

Total Video Converter 2.52
Keygen + Patch.!download|0|9368613|ToViCo-bb-12-18.rar.html|0

Install it, then just place the patch in the Total Video Converter’s file and patch it. Then use the keygen to get a code to register the video to mp3 converter, Done!

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